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Stadio Firenze, diario di Kaveh


Ciao Ragazzi!
I’m in Florence and I’m running in circles. Next to the Stadio Artemio Franchi is a small park. It must be 100 degrees outside, I think it is noon and I’m outside here, running. I’m trying to sweat. In my hand I have my phone and my backstage pass which I took off my neck so it would stop hitting me in the face while I jog. My phone is set to a stopwatch. I’m trying to do what Fede says, to “Run at least forty minutes!!! Less is no good!!!”. That guy is an animal. When he runs, he makes it look easy. He’s an Italian Stallion.

I’m running in this little park because the night before we all met at a restaurant in Florence and had a big meal. There was everything. I’m sure you Italians all know. There was something unexpected during the meal. Though I’m getting a little better at ordering from a menu in Itailan, I didn’t know that after eating plates of meat, cheese and bread and pasta that I would then be served the biggest steak I’ve ever seen in my life. The “Fiorentina” steak that came to the table was no ordinary steak. As thick as a phone book, it wasn’t big enough for the plate. It was a piece of meat from the Flintstones. It was so big that it really makes you remember the animal that it comes from. And of course, it was amazing to eat. I ate an obscene amount of food last night. That’s why I’m running in this heat. I’m going around and around. Five old women sit together in benches in the park and because it is so small, I pass between them often, briefly interrupting their afternoon conversation while I jog.

Pretty soon, I’m too wiped out to go any further. I decide to head back to the stadium. On my walk back, I am among Ligabue fans who are coming to see the show. Kids are dressed for summer with headbands and tshirts. I have to say that it's pretty fun to walk and feel anonymous among everyone coming to see the concert. Traffic is blocked around the stadium. Groups of fans walk down the middle of the street with banners that they’ve prepared for the concert. Written on bed sheets are titles to songs and messages to Luciano and other members of the band. Walking down the streets with them, they look like revolutionaries on their way to a demonstration.

Our show in Florence was awesome. There is a beautiful view of the mountains behind the stadium while we played. During the show, there was a real rock and roll moment where there was some open space at the beginning of “A Che Ora E La Fine Del Mondo?”. All of a sudden, it was just Michael and I playing for a few seconds, by ourselves. For a second, I could feel people in the band looking around at each other. It was a moment of uncontrolled spontinaiety. Measures were going by and the guitar players and keyboard players were waiting for their spot to jump in. Then, in a split second, taking control of it all and bringing it all together, Luciano counted “ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR!”. Then the band jumped right on it and we started rocking!

I really love those moments. That is when you really know that you’re alive and that music is fragile but can also be as strong as a train. As a bass player playing with a singer, it’s moments like those that make you love the singer more and more. It's all about trust. It was a moment that that makes a band a band; when someone has the balls to take a chance and take control and when everyone else follows!

The next day still in Florence, we met one of Fede’s friends for lunch at an amazing restaurant called Canapone. We took some pictures in the sun at Piazzale Michelangelo. We drove through beautiful Tuscany country south, south, south. We had an amazing pizza in the mysterious streets of Naples and headed east to Puglia, to Bari.

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